New Toys for 2012

Greetings all! As always thanks for stopping by B&M DIGITAL. We just wanted to check in real quick and show you some of the new toys we’ll be unleashing for weddings and other types of videography projects this year. Couples that have already booked us will be happy to see some of our new equipment and the new array of shots we’ll be able to capture.

ProAM DVC250 Crane/Jib
Nicknamed “Beast” this is our favorite addition of the year so far. If you click on the image above, you will see our setup with a Panasonic HMC-150 mounted at the top. We also added the official ProAm crane tripod base, the ProAm 7″ LCD Field Video Monitor, and a Libec ZC-3DV remote zoom control handle to finish off the rig. Here is a wonderful demo of the types of shots we will now be able to capture and the overall capabilities of the crane: http://vimeo.com/4388972.

We have also updated our tripods with the Ravelli ATD Professional Dolly to allow for smoother zooming/panning/camera tracking and have upgraded to Sony Vegas Pro 11, one of the top video editing programs available on the market. We are excited about this year’s wedding season to say the least!

As always you can check out our ebrochure here or visit our Contact Page to set up a free consultation/meeting to discuss your event ideas. Happy “jibbing!”

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