Panasonic HMC-80 Time-Lapse Test

This is just a quick time-lapse test of our newest camera, the Panasonic HMC-80. The HMC-80 is a shoulder-mount AVCHD full high definition camera that also offers DV standard definition recording options. All files are recorded to SDHC cards (recommended class 6 and above) allowing for a faster, tapeless workflow.

Time-Lapse or interval recordings such as this can be set up within the MENU > RECORDING SETUP menu. Simply select INTERVAL REC and choose your desired time interval. Basically what the camera does then is take a shot at the interval you specified. For this particular video we used 1 second, 10 second, and 30 second intervals.

We’re very happy already after only the first three test runs and we’re ecstatic about the possibilities this camera will open up for us this year. Along with several other equipment upgrades we’ve acquired this winter, we’re happy with where our video arsenal is at this point. Stay tuned for similar style videos as we break in all of our new gear and feel free to drop us a comment, email, phone call or whatever if you need any suggestions, help, or just want to say hi. C-ya!

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