Promo: Jennifer Rotz Photography

Meet Jennifer Rotz! What an amazingly talented and truly passionate photographer. Jen wanted a better way to convey to her clients and prospects who she is as a photographer, so she contacted us for help with a promotional video.

As you will see, she truly loves photography and her work is beautiful. I know you’re thinking yeah, she should love photography (you’re right, she should) and yeah, her work should be beautiful if she’s a professional (you’re right, it should be). But the most important part about who she is as a photographer is her passion. As part of the production to create Jennifer Rotz Photogaphy‘s video, Jen invited us to tag along with her on an engagement session. This was where that passion really shined through; unstaged and unscripted. Just simply Jen at work.

We’re all very happy with how this video turned out, especially Jen. There’s no better testimonial than to be able to document the real thing, and we certainly were able to do that here. See for yourself by watching the video above!

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