Wedding Highlights: Amy + Dan

One last big congratulations for Dan and Amy. It was our pleasure to
work with this sweet, young couple. Both the bride and groom were cool,
calm, collected, and very compliant from pre-ceremony, to the beautiful
outdoor ceremony, to the classic yet elegant reception.

Entering into our third wedding season, many ceremony and reception
locations are still new to us; this one included. We’ve seen photos
and visited the website so we had an idea of what to expect but it
wasn’t until we arrived at the Peter Allen House in Dauphin, PA that we
knew how much of a treat we were in for. Beautiful stone buildings on
beautifully landscaped grounds. This one’s definitely in the running
for our season favorite.

One of the goals for this season is to break in the slider and
incorporate more sliding shots into our wedding videography. This is
not a new piece of equipment, but often due to the nature of weddings
we don’t get the chance to use it. As we were en route to the
ceremony site, Brad was hoping for that opportunity. Wish granted! Not
only was there extra time to ‘play around’ with this piece of equipment,
but with a perfect setting everywhere we looked and a more than patient
bride and groom, opportunity knocked all day (and night) long and Brad
took advantage of each and every one of them. Check out Dan and Amy’s
highlight video and check out the results.

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