Wedding Highlights: Lisa + Jon

Some say that all weddings are the same – more or less. As a matter of opinion, that may or may not be true, but one undeniable fact is that each couple is unique and perfect for each other in their own way.

Jon and Lisa are no exception. There’s no better match. This unique, light-hearted, sweet couple was fun to work with and it was our pleasure to capture all things Jon and Lisa during their wedding day. We were contracted to be with the bride and groom for the duration of the day, start to finish. There were no time frames, no real schedules (except the ceremony did begin at 2:00pm). Just a happy couple in love wanting to go with the flow.

So that’s what we did. This no rush theme for the day gave us the perfect opportunity to capture LOTS of great footage (and have a little fun too). A hayride at dusk followed by a bonfire and fireworks after dark, forced Brad to face his fear of filming in low-to-no light. Results were actually pretty good! Check out the highlight reel by clicking on the video above.

The final product was a full length 70-minute DVD featuring pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception coverage and a highlight video set to songs chosen by the bride and groom. Of course, the DVD menus and packaging are all 100% custom. A special thank you to our new friends at Double Shutter Photography for generously sharing a still photo with us for the DVD cover.

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