Music Video: Introducing Nino Red “Forever”


At B&M Digital we are always up for a challenge and new adventures. And when a new client contacted us to produce our first official music video we got two in one.

This artist has a whole team behind him who are very dedicated to his success. With the audio track already produced and a story line sketched out, we were ready to hit the ground running. So that’s what we did. Two back to back days of filming – two very long days in locations such as BWI Airport, Inner Harbor, Baltimore and Chambersburg – but nonetheless in two days we were able to get all the footage we needed (no stock footage here) then we were off to post production. All filming, editing and other post production activities, as always, were performed in house. In the end, we were all extremely satisfied with the results and look forward to doing many more music videos in the near future. In fact, our next shoot begins in just a couple weeks.

Check out Nino Red with FOREVER featuring D.E., produced by D.E. and directed by Sharif Joyner. You can view the video by clicking above or by visiting the artist’s official YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyuxwI4y2g4

Oh, I almost forgot. These guys are also licensed barbers, so Brad (or should I say B-Rad) FINALLY got a decent hair cut!

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