Introducing Our New Mobile Site!

In this day and age, having a mobile marketing strategy is essential to business growth. We’re finding that out for ourselves recently. As of this writing, 33% of our website views over the past month came from mobile devices.

On a much larger scale, the use of mobile devices to access the Internet has been dramatically increasing over the past few years. The table below shows a worldwide increase of over 162% between 2010-2012. North America alone increased 69% but look at Asia — over 192%! Incredible.

According to many analysts, mobile Internet access will overtake desktop access by the year 2015. The table below shows current worldwide mobile usage at just over 10%, North America at almost 8%, and Asia at nearly 18%.

What does this all mean? Well if your business does not prepare for the mobile takeover, chances are you’ll be losing out on potential customers, clients or sales on an increasingly popular platform. With all that being said, we felt it necessary to revamp our site for mobile users and are proud to unveil our re-designed mobile-friendly website. Simply visit www.bmdigi.com from any mobile device or smartphone and let us know what you think!

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