Wedding Ceremony: Tarah + Aaron

We’ve been looking forward to our first wedding at Green Grove Gardens all season. When Tarah and Aaron’s wedding day finally came on September 8th we were eager and ready to roll. Although the weather did not cooperate for an outdoor ceremony, the natural light coming in the windows made for a very pretty indoor ceremony and great footage. The layout and floor plan of the event facility allowed for almost endless camera angles, so we left there pretty happy with what we were able to capture. After dinner, we caught the new couple out on the balcony with the most beautiful sunset in the background (this more than made up for rain earlier in the day).

The final product… a full length DVD documenting Tarah and Aaron’s wedding day. Complete with on screen menus and chapters featuring pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception all neatly packaged in a 100% custom DVD case matching their wedding theme and colors.

Though we normally don’t post these due to the length and file size, we’d like to share with you the entire ceremony chapter of Tarah and Aaron’s DVD, fully edited using footage from 4 cameras and sound recorded with our own mics. Aside from the facility’s microphone malfunction early on (not ours), we’re pretty happy with how this one looks and sounds. Enjoy!

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