The Elworths: Our Story

We love to think outside the box and love it even more when our clients do too. That’s exactly what the Elworths were doing when they came to us with their video idea.

Crystal and Kevin are patiently traveling the long road to adoption. After all the paperwork, meetings, classes, visits, phone calls, and a roller coaster of high hopes and disappointments, they decided to take a more proactive approach in telling their story. They wanted a way to humanize their lengthy family profile and provide an easy way to get to know who they are a little better.

After discussing their video idea with the adoption agency, the Elworths were encouraged to move forward with their ‘About Us’ video. Crystal and Kevin invited us into their home where we spent part of an afternoon capturing who they are on film. We are proud to have the opportunity to produce this video and truly hope that it will help them meet their goals and grow their family.

Meet the Elworths!

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