River Raider Off-Road – The Phóinīx Project

About a month ago we started working with River Raider Off-Road, located on Rockhill Road in Chambersburg, on The Phóinīx Project. This exciting project involved documentary style filming of the restoration and overhaul of a Jeep that was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.

With the help of several various sponsors, the team at River Raider completely overhauled this vehicle and transformed it into quite a respectable beast. We were there from start to finish and let me tell you it was amazing watching these guys work. While it was a learning experience (for us), from the aspect of figuring out which part was which, the payoff was well worth it as you will see. The last couple minutes especially, make us want one of these for ourselves!

Click above to watch the complete video or view it on YouTube HERE. Happy off-roading!

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