Music Video: Nino Red ft. Jerz – Save Me

The best thing about being a cinematographer is the wide range of projects I get to be a part of. We do a lot of live event videography and promotional videos here. In fact, just in the past month we’ve had projects ranging from dairy cow shoots to off-roading videos to WWE trailers. We haven’t done too many music videos to date, but they are definitely one of my favorite types of projects to take on.

I especially enjoy collaborating with the guys at Mr. J’s Barber Shop in Chambersburg, PA. They are an exceptionally talented group of creative individuals from the production of their beats to the artists themselves to the creative processes behind their concepts. They consistently challenge me with their ideas and I like that. A little while back we took a trip to New York City and Newark, New Jersey with their storyboard, my new 5D Mark III, plenty of Red Bull, and this is what we came up with it.

The concept behind this video is a young man dragged into the “coke game” at an early age to provide for his family. He quickly realizes this is not the life he wants to live. The name of the song, “Save Me” is a plea to God or whoever is listening to help him get out of the game before “the end of my shift.” I found this track to be a much needed break from the “shoot ’em up”, “boats and hoes, bling, hype” hip-hop currently dominating the air waves.

If you enjoy it, please support local music by sharing with your friends and be sure to give the official YouTube video a view. A lot of hard work went into this one and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

YouTube Link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfM1ZneGH_g

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