T3i Timelapse: Mowing the Yard

The recent purchase of our Canon 5D Mark III has freed up our Rebel T3i for other uses, mainly timelapses. In case you’re not familiar, a timelapse is a series of photographs taken in various intervals and assembled in editing software in order to create a “fast-forward” video of a scene.

Having the T3i as an extra camera for timelapses this year has really added to the production value of our projects. And it’s very simple to do. All you need is an Intervalometer device or Magic Lantern’s third party software. We use the latter as it’s simply a matter of turning the camera on, selecting a time interval, and letting it go. Check out the video above to view a recent timelapse created while I was mowing the yard. I wish I could mow it this fast in real-time!

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