Applause Dance Academy: Let’s Dance

We don’t only film weddings, we also cover public speaking events, graduations, plays, stage performances, and many other types of live events. Recently we had the pleasure of covering Applause Dance Academy’s First Annual Dance Recital titled “Let’s Dance.” The event was held June 2nd, 2013, at The Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

It was admittedly hard to remain focused watching these talented young kids dancing around the stage in their exceptionally well choreographed routines, but we did it. The end result was an order of 30 double-disc DVD’s running over 2 hours in length, with custom designed packaging (which can be found on our Samples Page HERE) and over 30 chapters coinciding with each separate dance routine.

One of the best parts about the project was getting to do a behind the scenes video during rehearsal night and the night of the event. Get your dancing shoes on and check it out by clicking above!

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