Wedding Highlights: Heidi + Scott

Heidi and Scott were married September 21, 2013 at Kings Gap Mansion in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Their original intent was to have a ceremony overlooking the valley outside of the mansion but the weather didn’t want to cooperate. That’s OK though – the inside of the building provided a very intimate atmosphere for them to recite their vows and become introduced as husband and wife for the very first time, and we were able to get some great shots outside before and after the ceremony.

We had some exciting firsts with this wedding — This was our first with some brand new equipment added to the mix. We had our new GoPro Hero3 mounted on top of our Jetta, which can be seen in the very first shot of the video (and several others throughout the DVD). We also introduced a brand new camera, the Canon G30, which captures amazing footage at 1080-60P in an extremely compact package. It almost makes me want to trade Melissa my 5D Mark III at times… This was also the first video where we tried a new “Color Isolation” technique which the classic red roses allowed for perfectly. Check it out from 1:22-1:32 in the video.

Overall and despite the rain, this ended up being one of my favorite wedding trailer videos to date. I know I say that often, but I feel the video speaks for itself. We want to thank Heidi and Scott again for the opportunity to be a part of their big day and wish them nothing but the best in their marriage.

View the Hutchison Wedding Trailer by clicking above and check out the rest of our trailers by visiting the Videography Samples page.

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