Sweet Grace Ministries: 2nd Annual Walk & Balloon Release

So this past weekend started business as usual. A full schedule with a jazz concert on Friday, a wedding on Saturday and another event on Sunday. Saturday went exactly as expected. A beautiful bride, I do’s, dinner and dancing. A late night turned into an early morning of charging batteries and transferring files, then on to the next assignment. That’s exactly what it felt like (at first)… just another day at “the office”. However, the second I pulled into the parking lot, that all changed, dramatically. As I got out of the car to unload, the first thing I saw was a decal on the car parked next to me. It read, “Mommy of an Angel”.

We were extended the opportunity to share our time and talents with Sweet Grace Ministries during their 2nd Annual Walk to Remember and Balloon Release. The mission of Sweet Grace is to provide support to those who have endured miscarriage, stillbirth or neo-natal death of a child. When a loss occurs, Sweet Grace does all they can to help through gifting a basket of items to help the family remember their angel and cope with their loss, offering prayer, providing resources and offering support in any way they can. Based on parents sharing their stories and testimony, that is a gigantic blessing in itself. But Sweet Grace doesn’t stop there. The ministry is also dedicated to supporting these families for a lifetime by helping them remember and by keeping the stories of their little angel’s alive.

Sweet Grace Ministries Walk to Remember and Balloon Release was dedicated to that important part of coping by giving the families who have suffered a loss a way to honor their baby’s life and memory. So many emotions wrapped up in one event made this a very, very special day for everyone involved. It is an event I know we will never forget and we are honored for the opportunity to capture and share with you. View the recap video above, and the event in its entirety (speeches, name readings, etc.) below.

And please consider supporting this wonderful organization by visiting www.sweetgraceministries.com

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