Jamison Celtic Rock: Live from the Brassell Wedding

Over our first three years as videographers, we’ve done an average of 12 weddings per year. During a typical year there are usually two or three weddings that immediately stand out and remain memorable. The Brassell wedding on October 12th in Gettysburg was one of them.

If you know me at all, you know that I rarely go through a day without listening to some form of Celtic music. Irish heritage or not, I simply love the musical style and have even attempted to begin learning the bagpipes myself. Special thanks to Melissa for buying me a practice chanter for Christmas last year. I’m sure she doesn’t regret that decision.

So after a traditional Catholic service on the Campus of Gettysburg College, complete with beautifully sung Irish blessings, the above video happened. I had heard early on that this band was pretty incredible live, but had no idea the extremity of their awesomeness. As you’ll see in the video, they were as high energy as you can get, were easily able to keep the crowd on the dance floor (the ENTIRE night), and even more importantly were genuinely down to earth, nice guys.

I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside them at the reception and highly recommend their services. I also plan on attending another live performance very soon. You should do the same. Check out the video above and visit them online at www.jamisoncelticrock.com.


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