Travis Beaver’s Formula 1 Experience

A while back we had one of our more unique video inquiries from an entrepreneur out of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. As soon as I walked in the door and spotted the device I could tell that this would be a fun project. I became even more excited after a brief demonstration and meeting with Travis and his wife. Not only did they have a general concept for the video, but also a 45-slide storyboard, hand drawn I might add. It made our job so much easier. In fact, the only challenge was actually shooting the video in such a dark environment.

Travis Beaver’s Formula One Experience is a fully custom designed and fabricated entertainment device that runs off of a PlayStation 3 or any Next-Gen video game platform. The device itself includes several pretty amazing features such as a real racing seat, steering wheel, gas pedals, breaks, working exhaust, smoke, surround sound and much more. I obviously couldn’t complete the project without trying it myself and I must admit it was a blast to test drive!

As an added bonus, this project offered us the opportunity to work with a couple other local videographers – Bradley Gillespie of Stereobreed Media and Michael Burkholder of Burky Films. Seriously — check out their stuff too — It’s pretty amazing. I don’t believe we could have filmed this in one day without them so I am very thankful for their help.

For more information about the Formula One Experience, watch the video above and then visit visit www.travisbeaverenterprises.com.

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