Todd Sponseller For Judge

Introducing our latest promotional video, “Todd Sponseller for Judge.” This is our very first judicial/political ad and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We were granted access to film in the Franklin County Courthouse Room #1 (also a first!) as well as various locations around downtown Chambersburg including Todd’s campaign headquarters and Bistro 71 thanks to our friend and owner Scott.

To say it’s nice to collaborate with other creatives is an understatement. There were many ideas tossed around for this video and some which may also soon see the light, but Todd’s wife Laura is a marketing guru. During one of our chats she mentioned mosaic and testimonial videos and the idea for the ending of the above video was born. Over 50 supporters emailed and texted their “selfie” videos declaring their support of Todd Sponseller for Judge, and they were transformed into a mosaic of support for the local candidate. If you are a voter in Franklin and Fulton County, we recommend reading more about Todd and his campaign at www.sponsellerforjudge.com

“I look forward to the opportunity to use my well-rounded experience to serve the people of Franklin and Fulton Counties as a fair, decisive & trustworthy judge.
I appreciate your support and would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday, May 19, 2015!” -Todd Sponseller

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