Pale Barn Ghosts – Kickstarter Video

We recently put together this Kickstarter video for our friends The Pale Barn Ghosts. Their goal is to raise enough money to produce a new album and YOU can help by going here right now: http://kck.st/1PIMs6D

We highly recommend you do so. If you’ve never heard their music, change that immediately. Their style is awesome and we all deserve another Pale Barn Ghosts album!

The coolest thing about this video? (besides the gentlemen playing and talking in it of course…) is my 8-year old son made his videography debut with a few of the clips. Can you spot which ones were his?

Finally, BIG thanks to Battlefield Brew Works and Roy-Pitz Brewing Company for their hospitality (and delicious beers) during the filming process. ‪#‎palebarnghosts‬ ‪#‎kickstarter‬ ‪#‎supportlocalmusic‬

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