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A Local Candidate for a Close-knit community

Born and raised in Chambersburg, Todd Sponseller shares the values that matter in our communities.

“I look forward to the opportunity to use my well-rounded experience to serve the people of  Franklin and Fulton Counties as a fair, decisive & trustworthy  judge.
I appreciate your support and would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday,  May 19, 2015!”

-Todd Sponseller

My name is Todd Sponseller, and I am running for Judge of the Common Pleas Court for the 39th Judicial District of Pennsylvania.  I have been a practicing lawyer for the last 15 years, in both civil and criminal areas of practice.  Over the years, I have represented large corporations, small businesses, families, individuals, criminal defendants, and pro bono clients. I believe that at its essence, the most rewarding aspect of the practice of law is about helping people, and it is something to which I am committed.  I see my becoming a Common Pleas Court Judge as a natural progression of this commitment.

My practice has afforded me the opportunity to assist businesses, individuals and families with important matters both in and out of court. In addition, as a contractor in Franklin County for indigent criminal defense, I appear in court several days a week, from proceedings ranging from preliminary hearings in central court to major felony trials. The nature of my practice has allowed frequent interaction with my colleagues in the bar, our judges and court personnel.  I believe that this makes me uniquely qualified as a candidate for Common Pleas Court Judge.

It is not uncommon that I am representing people during some of the most troubling or stressful times of their lives.  My clients can rely on me to look out for their best interests, and be thoughtful and pragmatic. I believe that these traits will instill me with the most important qualities of a judge- integrity, fairness and decisiveness. As a Common Pleas Court Judge, those that appear in my court can be assured that I will listen to every case with an open mind, apply the relevant law and binding precedent to the facts of the case and render fair, lawful decisions. Because of these qualities, I believe that I am the best candidate for Common Pleas Court Judge in Pennsylvania’s 39th Judicial District.

Visit https://www.sponsellerforjudge.com for more information.

Filmed at Todd Sponseller Campaign HQ, Franklin County Courthouse and Bistro 71 in Downtown Chambersburg.
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