Category : Web Design

18 Oct 2012

Introducing Our New Mobile Site!

In this day and age, having a mobile marketing strategy is essential to business growth. We’re finding that out for ourselves recently. As of this writing, 33% of our website views over the past month came from mobile devices. On a much larger scale, the use of mobile devices to access the Internet has been dramatically increasing over the past few years. The table below shows a worldwide increase of over 162% between 2010-2012. North America alone increased 69% but […]

26 Nov 2010

We’ve Gone Mobile!

B&M Digital has gone mobile! For all you “on-the-go” internet users out there, take a look at the new mobile version of our site by going to www.bmdigi.com on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.. You will automatically be directed to the mobile version. Happy Black Friday! You can also visit the mobile site by going directly to www.bmdigi.com/mobile on your mobile device.

26 Oct 2010

Top 5 Signs You Need A New Website

The top 5 signs you desperately need a new website are: 1. Your site is hosted by Geocities or some other free web hosting company, complete with aggravating popups and countless rotating flashy banner ads! 2. Your site uses background music. There may be one person out there that likes it, the other 99% of your visitors closed your page almost immediately. 3. Your site uses a “hit counter” that tells everyone you’ve had 26 visitors since 1998, conveniently alerting […]